Art Is…

I was at my friends house when her 3 year daughter  asked me “Mona, what’s Art?”

And I thought to myself….Art is a means of expressive communication. Art is a way to provide a voice for those who otherwise wouldn’t have one. Art is provocative, ground-breaking, political, moving and innovative. It encourages people to use their imagination and to think outside the box. The best thing about art is that it is open to interpretation. For example, what some people may perceive to be a simple work of art, others may interpret the work as a complex piece of political commentary. It is the simplicity of some pieces that make them so astonishingly stimulating. Art is about exceeding human expectations without apologies. Art forces us to break through barriers and set higher standards. Art is about taking risks and standing by your works even when others doubt you. Art is about being your own person and pushing your own personal creative boundaries. Art is not limited; in fact, art is about growth…it even helps artists mature. It makes boys become men and girls become women. Though art can be selfish, it is more generous than anything else. It gives to a population that is often narrow-minded. Art is a matter of life and death, and it inspires people to live another day. Art comes in many different forms: music, film, poetry and visual art. Even in all these forms, art is based on one element: imagination. Art is never-ending… Art is communication… Art is life, art is death, art is you and me.

But I very well couldn’t have told her that, so instead,  I said “It’s when you paint.” She smiled and ran off. lol



Photo Credit: Francesca Woodman