Subway Epiphany…

I sat down, at the table, near the subway….

Couldn’t look my opponent in eyes.


Who firmly stated, “Once you sit down, you can not get up, until the game is over”.

Responding quickly, I said  “But of course”.

Nervous, I was….

Not about the game but about him.

How did he know that I already wanted to leave?


I moved my pawn…

“You never realize how important the small things are until you loose them”.

He muttered, as he captured my piece.

I felt exposed…

He knew what move I was going to make before I made it.

“Sometimes, the things that we see as important, aren’t always so” he said.

As he captured my rook…

Confident I was, in my ability to win. Confident!

“Checkmate!” he exclaimed.

“Good Game…” I said.


He responded politely, “Its funny how people who have the ability to see their entire life, choose to remained blind. Interesting, how someone who is blind can see the things you choose not to see.”

He revealed scared & damaged eyes…

“But how?” I asked.


He smiled & said. “The doubt in your voice, you gave yourself no chance and the vibrations of the boards of course allow me to feel. You gave up on yourself before you had a chance to try… You may have remained physically in the game, as promised… but you surrendered in every way emotionally..”