The Trayvon Martin Case

I have a lot of different feelings about the Trayvon Martin case. First off, I want to say that my heart goes out to his family. This is a horrendous crime.

More than anything, I just want to make some notes:

I feel like this case should have NEVER been about race. It should have been about TRAYVON and not the color of his skin. I understand that  Zimmerman was racially profiling Trayvon, but there are so many more facts, besides his color. In many ways, when race is in the picture it supersedes everything in every situation, which in turn mutes the real problem.  Trayvon’s story deserves to be  deeper than his dermis. Remember that race divides us  but, no one is immune to heart break, not even you.

You have people posting stories about “similar” cases that didn’t receive as much media coverage. Here’s the thing, people are murdered every day and often it goes unreported in the media. It doesn’t make Trayvon, more or less special, it just makes his story one of the stories that were lucky enough to be picked up.

So, don’t turn it into a race competition when it comes to that. This case is about a CHILD who lost his life. When we solely focus on race we are missing out on what REALLY happened because we are fighting about race and not about Trayvon.  I remember when my ex -boyfriend was murder in 2007 right in front of his house for no reason. It wasn’t on the news, it wasn’t anywhere. It’s just the truth of the matter.

And no matter what, if Trayvon Martin happened to curse or even experiment with drugs, that still does not make what happened OK. He was 17 years old, a child. He made mistakes but his childhood missteps has nothing to do with the childhood that he now will never know. When people bring that up it leaves me with the feeling that they are attempting to justify a murder. His mistakes prior to day had nothing to do with why Zimmerman pulled that trigger.

Regardless, racism still exists and any time race is involved it’s always going to be heated. I do not feel justice was served. However, TRAYVON won in many ways because this is the start of something big. This is shedding light on the flaws in the justice system. It’s not just a  Travyon Martin thing, need I remind you of Casey Anthony; this is a law thing. We (all races)  as people are in a great position to make our voices heard. Which means demonstrating with peaceful protests because if it was good enough for Martin Luther King, Jr., it should be good enough for us all.

Please be advised going out to do anything but a peaceful protest is not recommended. Posting violent tweets and threats is a way to become another statistic (all races included) and not a hero.

If you chose violence than you are no better than Zimmerman. Every life matters and it’s not up to our discretion to say otherwise. He may not have dug himself into prison yet but he certainly dug himself into a stressful road ahead. Honestly, all you can do, correction, all you need to do is pray on that. Everything in the  dark will come to the light.

Remember it’s  about Trayvon; and every person is deeper than their skin…or at least I think so…

Goodnight, Beautiful People. #Blessings