What “No” really means…

If you’re thinking about giving up today, don’t. You are greatness in motion and you have purpose. Even if you are unaware of who you are or what you want. You belong here. Life is not easy. When we are going through rough times, especially the ones where everything positive someone says only makes it worse, we need to hold on to the fact that we have purpose even if we can’t see it.

I remember growing up and being abused by people who were supposed to love me the most. The one group of people who were supposed to tell me I could, always told me “You can’t.”

I know I am NOT an anomaly, we all deal with  people telling us “NO”. Sometimes it’s to protect us, other times it’s to protect someone else. People will tell you that your dreams are crazy because they don’t want you to get hurt. However, most of the time, it’s because they don’t. People sometimes try to discourage you from doing something they were too scared to do, or because they are scared of YOUR potential. That’s why it’s always so important to remember that “No” doesn’t mean “No, you can’t” but it most cases “NO”  THAT person can’t.

If you are auditioning and not getting the right parts that means “NO” for those projects, not all projects. You interview for a job and don’t get it, it’s a “NO” for that position not for your entire career. If you’re not with the guy or girl you liked, it’s a “NO” for them but not a “No” for all love. You have to remember these are YOUR dreams, YOUR desires and YOUR future. No one in this world can say no to your dreams, desires OR future but you.

I know at times its extremely hard and sometimes our own families won’t even believe in us. That’s why we have to believe. Think about all the great people in history, they were all told “NO” at one point but that didn’t stop them. You shouldn’t allow it to stop you either. You never know the reason why someone said “NO” and in most cases it probably has nothing to do with you. That’s why it’s better to move on until you finally reach that “YES.” Remember, you have to say “YES” to YOURSELF before anyone can say “YES” to you.

When you focus on doing things that make you happy and most importantly make you a better person, “No” doesn’t seem that bad. You stay dedicated not because you have something to prove but everything to gain by doing what YOU love. Proving people “wrong” goes without saying when you reach internal happiness. To be quite honest, I am very grateful to everyone who tried to bring me down and/or told me “NO” because their “YES” could have altered history….and I LOVE my imperfect life exactly the way it’s written.