Simenona Updates: July 2015

We are half way through 2015, and this year I have been doing exactly what I said… “Learning to Love Again.” I knew I was going to take a break after that essay. I am very happy. Focusing on creating new memories with much love and incredible support. I’m so thankful for all the people with whom I now get to do life. I’m blessed. I’ve been consumed with love from my synagogue, family and friends. I wanted to allow myself to feel that for awhile. It felt good; I feel good.

I’m excited about the new opportunities before me. I began painting and creating illustrations. I love to create because it is my passion. At times, I must confess that I become devoured by the Art of creating and the possibility of colors. I decided to explore my true potential as a writer. My music, which I am very excited about is coming soon. It’s a long process because I am writing my entire album myself. Music is supposed to mean something and these songs mean everything to me. I love music because it changes lives and the songs of our heart stay with us forever in life. I always be a student in the exploration of greatness because once ego monopolizes talent, Art dies.

I’m still living out the last chapters of my book. When I am ready, I will share it with the world. When I started publically journaling two years ago after leaving the past behind, I made a vow to do everything I could to ensure that another child wouldn’t have to endure that kind of pain and torture that I did. I wanted to share my journey, my mistakes, lessons, and try to write uplifting, honest, raw, imperfectly-me pieces.

I wanted to create a platform for intelligent female journalists and writers to spread positivity, education, rawness and absolute truth. We have  phenomenally talented writers. Certainly Her will continue to spread strength and empowerment. If one person is inspired, that is all that matters. I encourage everyone to continue reaching for your dreams. Even though they seem far away, they are closer than you can imagine.