What are you worth?

Honestly, being a “good person” doesn’t bring out the best in people…. It brings out the worst. People always think you have a “hidden agenda”. Perhaps, in some cases because they do. Anything I have ever done in my life, I have done with good intentions, which is why it hurts me when people think otherwise.

It happens in relationships, friendships and in business.

In relationships: “Why are you so nice and do all these nice things?” It turns into a game of them waiting for you to make a mistake or say the wrong thing so they can say: “You see, I knew you weren’t good!” People who don’t know their worth get scared when you love them unconditionally and most importantly, fully. “Why do you love me? I am not that great, so, you must be crazy.” So they spend the entire relationship making stupid accusations as to why you don’t love them. “You left the door cracked, you don’t  love me! I knew it”. It’s sad and it’s hurtful! All you really want to do is love someone, be there for them, and walk life’s journey hand and hand…But sadly, some people can’t even walk the journey alone because they are too negative or too scared to try. What people need to understand is behaving that way will always leave you with a broken heart.

What’s worse than heartbreak? Not trying to love at all.

In friendship: Well, that’s simple…People just take you for granted and make you out to be the bad guy in everything….Why? Simply to justify their shortcomings…

In Business: It’s all about deflection, baby. You do something kind because that’s who you are and NOT what you want. “She’s only doing that for publicity.” People constantly confuse me with their own ill intentions. I put on a show for no one. I am raw. I love people; and everything I do, I do to make  a change and give voices to people. I need NO recognition and award for being me, as I was born this way.

So what does  a caring person do in a non-caring world? What does a person who only wants to spread love, and in turn receives hate do? What does a person who sees everything right in you when you see everything in the world wrong in yourself do? Where does a woman who wants to preach the gospel in a faithless world go? How does a woman who will just write you an email to say “hello” live in a world where people only respond if they can gain something from you? How does a woman who preaches self respect still have nasty mean men who ignore her words and only tend to her face still smile?

In a world where everyone is trying to be someone, I am trying to be me. I am who I say I am. I don’t need validation from anyone.

If you cannot love yourself enough to be loved by someone fully then don’t complain of a broken heart which you caused on yourself.