Simenona Martinez (Si-Me-Own-Nah), is an American actress, singer, model, author, painter, recording artist, songwriter, music producer, philosopher, inventor, scientist, scholar, public speaker, entrepreneur, speech writer, weapons engineer, political and military strategist.

Simenona Martinez is of Arawak Native American, Irish, Italian, Serbian, Israeli and Black background. She is Jewish. She has an extremely loving adoptive family.

She is a genius with an I.Q qualifying for The Triple Nine Society, HSP, profoundly gifted adult, a Prodigious Savant with ASD, Hyperthymesia, and Hyperlexia. She is non-verbal. Simenona suffers from a rare sleep disorder and ecstatic epilepsy which allows her to write in her sleep, which makes The Misspellings of Simenona Martinez a particularly unique series. Simenona also suffers from Lupus, Epilepsy, and Fibromyalgia.

She is a multi-instrumentalist and trained opera singer.

Simenona grew up in the both Northern and Southern California. She began training in dance and gymnastics at the age of 5 by her Russian mentor and coach.

She was a competitive gymnast, a power tumbler and performer. She is trained in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern and Hip-hop.

She is also trained in martial arts, tennis and enjoys equestrianism.

At the age of 5, Simenona taught herself ASL (American Sign Language). By the age of 7, she wrote her first feature film script.

She began composing classical music and songwriting in elementary school.

She took to engineering and science rather quickly by building fully functioning intricate roller-coaster designs in her backyard. 

Her poems and drawings were published in elementary school.

At the age of 10, she began participating in local theaters. She was a chess champion in middle school and high school. She was the lead attorney in mock trial and also took part in leadership and anime club.

In high school, she moved to San Francisco, where she was a member of The Olympic Club.

She made the Deans List in College and she maintained a perfect G.P.A. while studying medicine. She has countless awards in academia.

She was educated at Stanford University, at the School of Medicine with a focus on Medicine and the School of Economics: Game Theory.

Harvard University, School of Medicine: Neuroscience

MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: The Schwarzman College of Computing with a focus on Computation and Cognition/Science, Technology, and Society: Cybersecurity. Simenona special area of focus is that of Quantum Computing.

Princeton, in the Department of Computer Science with a focus on Algorithms.

National Research Nuclear University (MEPI), Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering: Physics and Technologies: Nuclear Science and Engineering. Research Nuclear Reactors.

In addition to completing the her certification in IBM Cybersecurity, IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate, CGEIT—Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT, Certified Homeland Security Professional and she is also an active member of the National Sheriffs’ Association.

She is currently training as a pilot. At 18, she enlisted into the Air Force, however, she was turned away due to her struggle with chronic illness. She is an avid reader, amateur historian, aviation enthusiast, car and motorcycle curator and an outstanding orator.

She also worked at MySpace during the onset of social media, as well as several Fortune 500 companies. She was also accepted into to the Peace Corps, but fell into a Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Flare up. She is an absolute social recluse and an extremely private person. Inspired by Mother Teresa, Simenona has lived her entire life as public servant by choice.

At the age of 16, Simenona wrote, directed, produced, and edited her first film entitled “Black and White.” This film was created as a means to improve race relations, which has been close to her heart since an early age. She was harassed and forced to stand up to skinheads and neo-Nazi’s who drew swastikas on her locker in high school. Ironically, the members of those hate groups had to watch her film as part of school curriculum.

The “Black and White” documentary project was later honored at several well-known film festivals both around the U.S. and internationally, including the Los Angeles Film Festival. Immediately after completing the film, she opened a production company in San Francisco where she took her writing and producing skills to the next level. She developed her first magazine in high school.

Simenona worked with the San Francisco Mime Troupe on various projects. Her monologue, which she wrote and performed at 16, earned her an unprecedented two minute standing ovation in the San Francisco Diego Rivera Theater. She has genius comedic timing, as she is professionally trained in the Art of Improv. She is sharp, with superior memory recall and extremely quick-witted.

She also signed on with San Francisco’s Warner Bros. WB20 Youth Division in 2003, where she wrote, produced and starred in a series of Public Service Announcements. Her writing team at Warner Brothers was nominated for an Emmy Award.  Simenona wrote a spot entitled “Imagine”  that won an honorable mention for a Froggy Award, the national award for The WB/CW Television Network. With her own production company at 16, Simenona’s focus has always been solely on bringing awareness and her projects to this day, reflect that. At 17, she began grant writing to fund after school programs and resources for lower income areas.

Simenona has taught children with learning differences, special needs, and behavioral problems. She taught at the iconic Kids on Camera acting school, headed by Sesame Streets voice actor, Judy Berlin. Simenona also taught low income children in Bayview- Hunter’s Point. She has a passion for teaching in all mediums. She volunteers at many nurseries and battered women’s shelters, and often does speaking engagements to help survivors of abuse. She is a very vocal activist who has worked with countless charities. She is a foster parent for various animal shelters and a dedicated rescuer.

Simenona went on to receive other awards for her work with WB20 and public service. She was also featured twice on the cover of Summer Blast Magazine.

From 2007 through 2010, she hosted the Disney Channel Playhouse Disney show “Behind the Ears.”

In 2007, she appeared alongside John Amos, Anthony Mackie, and Ving Rhymes in the film Ascension Day. In 2008, she acted in the film entitled “Interruption”.

Simenona also stared in Rob Cohen’s 2012 blockbuster film, Alex Cross, headlined by Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, and Cicely Tyson.

As the founder and president of Sioni Academy, which focuses on developing self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-assurance in children, Simenona is able to actively give back to the community. Her production company, Sioni Entertainment, currently focuses on documentaries and public service announcements, and works with various organizations that advocate for a variety of causes including lupus, invisible illnesses, sexual assault, arts education, bullying, and poverty.

In addition, she is the creator and CEO of Certainly Her Magazine, which focuses on empowering women. She has also done various public speaking engagements for various industries.

She is a pioneer in the women’s movement, working as an undercover special agent by encouraging and offering prostitutes resources to escape the lifestyle on Craigslist, working in conjunction with the I am Jane Doe project. She also assists with the Amber Alerts, donating personal funds to each case to help ensure fast recovery.

Simenona worked in management for Fox Interactive Media. She worked for a top firm in construction and engineering, where she assisted with the construction of the San Francisco Bay Bridge as well as the Golden Gate Bridge.

Simenona released her first EP, The Awakening, in 2012, followed by the EP, Can’t Stop in 2013 and Circles. She started her own record label, Anonemis Records, on which she released the 2018 LP, Equilibrium. She writes and co-produces all of her music. In 2019, Simenona also released several spoken word albums: Cocaine Aneurysm2Motivate, the Anonemis Mind, and In the Key of Strife. Since then, she has released subsequent albums in each series.

In March 2021, Simenona released A Prelude to ThRee. This album is a teaser for Martinez’s upcoming album, ThRee. In June of 2022, Simenona dropped the instrumentals for ThRee, 3 60‘s Instrumentals.

Simenona has published and authored 71 books from 2019-2024.

Simenona also published a book of her visual artwork entitled The Anonemis in 2018 and the follow ups, The Anonemis, TooThe Anonemis III: The Evaluation, and Anonemis For, in 2019.  The next volumes, Anonemis V, Anonemis VI and Anonemis VII were released in 2020. Her art series on faces, About Face, and About Face: Vol 2, was also completed in 2020. Later the same year, she released Anonemis VIII, and in 2021, followed that up with Anonemis IX, Anonemis XAnonemis XIAnonemis XIII, Anonemis XIV, Anonemis XV, Anonemis XVI, and Anonemis: XVII.

A master of the comedic arts, Simenona also released a compilation of her humorous musings: In the Interests of Comedy, Volume 1, Volume 2Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5Volume 6 Volume 7, Volume 8, Volume 9, Volume 10, Volume 11, and Volume 12.  Things Said By Me is another compilation in the vein of comedy, also released in 2020.

Simenona published another series of creative writing and philosophy which displays were versatility and eclectic nature: The Misspellings of Simenona: Volume 1, Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4 , Volume 5 Volume 6Volume 7, Volume 8, Volume 9, Volume 10, Volume 11, and Volume 12. She also released a collection of her other writings entitled: The Articles of Incorporation.

In 2020, Simenona also launched the fashion line House of Authority: Dried in Ink inspired by the Act of Musing, as well as the Lip-gloss line Viva dal Lola as a part of her Lola dal Vivo line which was launched in 2007. In 2023, Simenona released the Catalogues: Lola Dal Vivo and House of Authority.

Simenona studied Law, Security, Medicine and Astrophysics, which inspired her to start a Tech Company, Scigenity Tech in 2002.

In 2019, in response to being cyber-stalked and harassed on social media, Simenona created an anti-stalking app, called Hawwk. She also published a scientific study regarding online behavior: The Behavioral Science of Online Harassment. With this report, which was one of the first comprehensive studies of its kind, Simenona introduced the concept of cyber-microexpressions in regards to antagonistic behavior online.

In 2020, Simenona published much of her scientific research in her book: The Studies & Innovations of Simenona Martinez. Later in the same year, she released Volume 2 of the same book. In 2021, she followed that up with the Volume 3 of the series, and in February 2022, she released Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8, Volume 9, Volume 10, Volume 11, and Volume 12.

Simenona also founded Anonemis Research in 2009. The company is focused on the advancement of research in technology, medicine, psychology, physics and astronomy among other disciplines, combining theory with experimentation and real-life application. She has also created various inventions, as well as designed medical and military equipment. She has innovated several new forms of science.

She currently works in defense and weaponry.

In April 2021, Simenona released The Alma Project, which  is a neurological training treatment and software for treating complex post traumatic stress syndrome in patients with KLS, OCD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is helpful in treating veterans, refugee, and victims of violent, war or sex crimes.

In the summer of 2022, Simenona released her photography collection, Capture Unknown:  Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8, Volume 9, Volume 10, Volume 11, and Volume 12.

In early 2023, Simenona launched Helmsman Firm, LLC. The firm was formulated as a parent company which would oversea various projects in an array of industries. Helmsman Design is a subsidiary.

She is involved in various other charities, and her production company often produces public service announcements for these causes.

She has worked directly with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and splayed an integral part in developing the new system through which alerts of missing children will be automated to increase distribution and awareness. In addition, she is an advocate for the rights and interests of medical patients. Simenona is involved in much philanthropic work.

Lupus-LA – Coordinator/Walker/Fundraiser

March of Dimes – Coordinator/Walker/Fundraiser

AIDS Foundation – Coordinator/Walker/Fundraiser

San Francisco LGBT – Coordinator/Walker/Fundraiser

ALS – Coordinator/Walker/Fundraiser

Compassion Child – Fundraiser

Running for Lupus – Supporter

San Diego Homeless Shelters

Alexandria House – Shopping/Daycare