I’m not just for one cause, one disease, one belief, or one movement..I AM an advocate for better living for ALL and most importantly change

#WhereTheMagicHappens The Refrigerator… don’t judge, just accept it.

Got home just in time to give Grammy a kiss on the forehead and say Goodnight. 🙂 #PerfectNight

Your ability to be kind when no one is watching, being confident in who/what you are, at no one else’s expense. #ESSENCEBeauty.

I’m so happy to be getting older! Do you know how awkward it is acting like you’re 30 in pre-school.

Its friday night and the moon is right, gonna have some fun show you how its done #TGIF

I love meeting new people and I really love when someone randomly starts talking to you. People are beautiful.

I’m so glad I am not a male in this industry because opportunist fill your head with air. You get a big head of only air with no knowledge.

Honestly, I rather someone fall in love with me by reading my writing than looking at a picture of me…I write with my heart in my hand.

People tend to over share with me and tell me everything. I maintain 100% confidentiality. I was a psych major but gee, is it that obvious?

I’m always in it for the people. Gods greatest creation.

I can’t understand how some people are so mean and hurtful yet they do not care. Caring only for those who blow smoke… Foreverwalkbyfaith.

#WhatMakesMeMad people assume that I have worldly ideology. When in fact, I practice exactly what I preach. I am not perfect but I am real.

#WhatMakesMeMad Women who are willing to accept any kind of behavior from a man because then they assume we are all that way.

  1. #WhatMakesMeMad people who take pictures of alcohol and money.. Like, seriously? I don’t take pictures of my cranberry juice then #thuglife

     #WhatMakesMeMad when people value material possessions over human life
  2. Forever Walking By Faith and Not By Sight…

    I love looking at the shining Sun because it feels like God is smiling at
    @jensen_jessica Yes, that’s the beauty of life and the amazing creation that God made all of us to be. 🙂
    Agh, I don’t like when I get upset my Honduran accent comes out… lol, #Spanglish
    I know one day I will find my dream lake front home. I haven’t found yet but I will. That’s my positive confession.
    I take care of myself and 5 other beings 24/7.. I don’t mind because I love taking care of people. I can’t wait to have kids, 5 of them.
    #GrowingUpIBelieved in pretending to be like the characters on Disney Channel (escape my problems) then I ended up being on the DC for 5yrs.
    #GrowingUpIBelieved and still do believe in helping people. I taught myself ASL by age 10
    #GrowingUpIBelievEd in God and no one told me about him. He found me.
    #GrowingUpIBelieved in unicorns…
    Nutella is not just a food but a way of Life.
    Never flaunt insecurities. IF his eyes wonder wait until your alone to talk. Never make a scene b/c your always going to be the opening act
    When someone is mean to you for no reason all you can do is pray for them…
    People who are shady always think you’re trying to be shady because they are. #projection
    I love helping others because that is what God has called me to do
    Negativity is a sickness and bitterness is deadly.
    Mean people are hopeless. They’re broken and want others to shatter too. That’s why you must never allow any piece of you to become negative
    Bullies are rarely ever confident, which is why they’re bullies. If you’re really happy within then you can be happy for others.
    Being mean doesn’t make you look cool but only reveals how insanely insecure you are. #Fear #Hate #truth
    When guys ask me “What type of guys do you like?” I always reply “The one’s who don’t take shortcuts” 🙂
    I don’t fit into any “box” or “stereotype”. I’m different just accept that and stop trying to figure me out. I’m unpredictable.
    Not only is your imagination a weapon but it is also power….
    Laying in bed Daydreaming to Danny Elfman music…..
    I don’t understand why people knowingly break your heart.