The Woman That I am…

I can’t help who I am. I am woman who loves to make you laugh, smile, and brighten your day. When I love, I love forever and just for you being who you are.

I’m not good at being mad because I believe frowning creates wrinkles. I can’t stay mad long so I will call you right back because I can’t leave any situation on a negative note. I know time is limited on this earth and I want to love you more than I want to hate you. I’m not the type of girl to purposely ignore you because everyone deserves to be acknowledged. I don’t believe in the “silent treatment” because punishment is for children. Communication is for adults.

I know that everyone is different, so never treat everyone the same because people need and yearn for different things. You should never bring past hurts into new relationships. If you truly want something different then be different. I realize people are more than their mistakes but who they become by learning from them. I can’t help who I am. I live to give. I want to obtain great things solely to be able to give and inspire others more.

I love performing and making movies, its my true love. I love how a movie creates an idea that can manifest tears into laughter and heartbreak into wholeness…. and allows others to escape reality and bring their own dreams into existences for 90 minutes. Music changes people in every sense. Music saves lives and moves nations into unity for 3 minutes. Music connects you to strangers with a mention of a lyric……. Because everyone’s been there, done that, with her, with him, broke up, got stronger then “dipped it low.” Music is the missing piece to your life soundtrack.

I love Love because God is Love. Its hard living in a world where people do not know how to accept love. They can’t comprehend how someone can love unconditionally when they haven’t done anything to deserve it. It’s not that I don’t see people for who they really are because I do. I just love them for who they can be beyond their flaws. I can’t help that I will believe in the dreams you dream even when you wake up… That I will cry with you without knowing you.

I just get hurt sometimes because people take that for granted or think I have a hidden agenda due to my natural kindness. However, I keep smiling and loving as though my heart is made of steel because it in a lot of ways… it is. “Guard your heart above all else” and that I do.

I will never stop being me especially not because someone “breaks my heart” or doesn’t like me. I always say “There is beauty in a broken heart”. That’s true, because there is something to learn from such and an opportunity for maturity. I really don’t believe the saying “If you let something go, if it comes back to you its meant to be.”

I believe that if something is meant to be it will BE. Be present, Be Consistent, Be faithful, Be honest, Be Love, Be fearless, Be by your side, Be themselves… Be sure you’re worth it the first time; people should not have to lose you to figure out your worth… We are all too good to be anyone’s after thought…

But that’s just my opinion… Goodnight Beautiful People