Just Checking In…

I’m so humbled by all the support from the Lupus Foundations and organizations. I am also very appreciative of the Women in Pain Conference for allowing me to speak my truth.  Things have honestly been amazing and I have been truly blessed. I haven’t had the time to blog and reach out to people like I should. I’m working towards getting back to all the emails.

I never stop working; even in the hospital bed, I am emailing people. Why? I love what I do and the world doesn’t stop, and I do not stop for anything. I am dedicated. I hope everyone has been doing well because you guys deserve it. I’m super excited about all my new projects coming up. I love the fact that I was able to meet a lot of new wonderful people.

Life has been non-stop but I actually love it that way. I love and appreciate all who support me, especially my twitter family. It sucks because I have less time to tweet and interact. I haven’t forgotten about you and I think about you daily.

I hope you guys are remaining strong and hopeful, as I know life is hard. You should never allow anyone to tell you that you can’t do something. I remember growing up, I was picked on a lot because I looked different and due to my culture. Self-acceptance is steel. I can’t tell you how many times people have said stupid things about the color of my eyes, my hair, my body, or who I am as a person. People see something nice and they assume it’s fake or they see happiness and assume you’re being fake. However, you know yourself the best, and people say that because they want to chop you down.

So, don’t let people do that because no one is that important enough to have that kind of power. I mean, aside from mentioning it right now, do you think I think about those people? Lol, no I don’t. I am too busy being ME and living out my dreams. So don’t let people, your disease, situation or challenges bring you down. I believe you and I don’t even know you. You can achieve all things, believe, know it and live it. You deserve it.