The Truth About Christianity…

Being a Christian is often misinterpreted by those who do not have a full understanding of what Christianity is, and who GOD is. People are under the false pretense that because you are Christian you can’t cuss, you can’t do anything that isn’t perfect, you cannot make a mistake or have a bad day. These are the people who don’t have an understanding of what Christianity is or who God is. No one in life is perfect. I think we all try to be happy people most of the time, but we all have bad days. BREAKING NEWS: WE ARE ALL HUMAN.

When we make a mistake or have a bad day God doesn’t say “You’re being a fake Christian or you’re not filed with the Holy Spirit!” That’s NOT who God is or what Christianity is about. God is a forgiving God,  a merciful God and God looks at our hearts. Those who question your faith after a mistake are people who do not know the Bible or Christ. Obviously, God is a forgiving God, and God commands Christians not to judge.

There are those who want to fight every element of God’s Word and who HE is. Those are people who have eternal spiritual warfare. Despite popular belief and misguided followers, Christianity isn’t about FIGHTING and KILLING in the name of Jesus. Christianity isn’t about pointing the finger and calling out sin. Christianity is about Love and forgiveness, because God is Love. Christianity is about turning the other cheek when others wrong us. Christianity is about loving our enemies as well as those who love us. Christianity isn’t about being better, looking down upon, arguing and killing.

Again, there are some Christians preaching the gospel in their way, however, that’s why YOU should read the bible and know God for yourself. That way when someone questions your faith, character, mistakes, or judges you, you will know what to take with a grain of salt rather than taking it to the core. God loves you, and you should love yourself, and others in turn.