I haven’t updated my blog in some time because my site was hacked so I have been working with Google to fix it. Then I noticed people are creating fake twitter accounts with my name and someone actually hacked in my site and put fake links and links to other sites. I called my tech and he said I was lucky because sometimes people will delete all your content… I only HAVE ONE TWITTER @Simenona.  Bless Him and Bless who ever did that. I haven’t any time for bitterness….


Anyway….What makes me sad is hearing people ask  “Why are you so nice?”. Today someone asked me just that. They think I want something or that I am trying to “come up” or that I am being fake. If you really knew ME then you’d know that is seriously not the case. This industry doesn’t make or break my dreams. My dreams do not need validation, nor does my talent. The truth is, a lot (not ALL) people in the WORLD, (not just in Entertainment) only speak to people who can DO for THEM. That’s a sad way to live. I don’t have to justify my kindness or intentions.


The only reason why people question politeness is because they would only do something nice if it reflects good on them. What people need to understand about me is I am not living to entertain, but to change the world. What I want out of life is bigger than a movie premiere, and the only red carpet I care about is the one leading to Heaven.  I love acting and singing and I was born to do it. I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities God continues to bless me with.  I love being in front of the camera but it doesn’t define me. Lupus does not define me. My heart does. My Actions do. My spark is 24/7 not just when the bright lights come on.


I will keep being me and love the world as God does. Everyone doesn’t need to know my name, but they need to know my heart and why I want to change the world. There are a lot of people suffering and I can’t stand it. And I won’t stand for it. We all suffer in some way because no one is perfect but we are all growing and that is beautiful.