True Happiness :)

I just want to say that you should never give up. What God has planned for us is so much bigger than we could ever imagine. Life is hard. There is no “but,” life is just hard.

There is hope on the other side of struggle. One ingredient to happiness is surrounding yourself around happy people. LIFE, not just Hollywood is about faking it until you make it. What you chose to put in your mouth has a direct  outcome onto your body. The same goes for people, who or what you chose to feed your soul/spirit is what you will exhibit.

It is not your responsibility to save anyone, which is something I had to learn. There are so many people in the world who are in need of REAL help, so help them. You can’t build your circle around people who talk trash about other people. Why? because they are talking trash about you too. If you want to be happy, you’re going to have to make some choices.

I personally, never trust, do business, or start a friendship with anyone who speaks poorly of others. I think it’s very telling of one’s character. You have an opportunity to say anything you want but instead you chose to say something horrific about someone else. I know people may talk about me behind my back but it doesn’t affect me, because in turn I have said nothing. Eventually, the people whom they are talking about will catch on. They are always saying bad things in regards to me, however, I say nothing. Seems more like an attack, don’t you think?

Happiness is a choice. We all deserve it but you have to make some choices. You need positive people around you and YOU need to be positive. Yes, be positive in a negative world.

Just think back to a time when you were at your worst and how you came out of it. It can and will happen again. You can have it all and in most cases you do. You just have to open your eyes beyond your current situation. I know it’s hard when your receiving bad news at the doctor, losing your house, your job, your relationship, and seemly losing grasp of your dreams. However, I’m confident  that you will pull though to tell your story if nothing else.

You CAN be happy and most importantly you DESERVE IT.

I had to make choices too. I needed to cut people out of my life and I will be the first to say, I will NEVER speak to them again. It’s not easy because you do care about people, but at some point you have to care for yourself more. Happiness is possible, but not easy because it’s a daily choice. Everyday something or someone will try to test you.

My best advice is:

Don’t ever fall for anyone or anything that’s not going to help you get back up.

Live for your own happiness and not others…

I will never allow my disease to have power of over me. When I walked the red carpet for Alex Cross, I had chemo the next day. I was overweight from the Prednisone and sweating. However, I still walked the carpet like no one’s business. Even at the Women in Pain Conference, I was chunky from being in the hospital from infections/Prednisone. I could have stayed home but I didn’t. I could have allowed my Lupus to stop me from doing what God has called me to do but I didn’t and I never will. I’m unstoppable. I don’t give a shit about what people say, I am doing ME.